Health Care Integration

Nextier is a ConnectMate® Engine Authorized Reseller and Services Provider. ConnectMate® Engine is ideal for reliable and scalable enterprise message brokering, document management, decision support, and analytical data processing on a real-time and batch basis.
ConnectMate® Engine is Proven. Since 2003 our solution has been used across the health care continuum and other industries. It has served Hospitals, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Payers, Providers, Laboratory Organizations, Independent Software Vendors and more.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Architecture Delivery

Are you planning to deliver Enterprise Service Bus Architecture into your enterprise. If ESB based solutions are planned and delivered correctly, they can drive consolidation and reuse. On the other hand, if approached incorrectly, ESB can create derision and spawn silos between your development teams and be seen as a poor investment.

We can provide ESB/SOA application developers to aid in your development. We can provide full lifecycle services to manage your ESB projects and deliver the finished solutions for your testing and deployment.

Mobile Application Development

Do you need a custom mobile application developed for your business? Nextier can deliver. We develop native mobile applications which are designed to run directly on the mobile operating system unlike many templated mobile applications created today. The applications we deliver can be deployed to IOS, Android Mobile, and Windows and Mac desktop operating systems from the same code base. This means we build once and you deliver to your targeted platforms. The same code can be leveraged to derive versions for smart watches and wearables.

Cloud Application Development on Windows Azure

Need to move your application to the cloud? We can help you! We have experience delivering cloud based application into the Windows Azure environment including solutions based on Video Media and streaming technologies.

Desktop & Enterprise Application Development

The NextierTeam has decades of experience delivering web, desktop and enterprise applications for the Windows Platform. In 2015, we added the ability to deliver Mac desktop applications from the same codebase as our Windows development. This means, the same capability can be delivered to your Mac and Windows users out of the same development effort.

Staff Augmentation Services

We can work with you to provide the right on-shore or off-shore staff with the right skill at the right time. Our Resourcing Team is adept at vetting and identifying the skilled resources for C++, C# and VB.Net, VB6, JavaEE, Delphi, Web, SOA & ESB, Business Analysis & Business Process Management, SIU, Database Engineering, and more. We can vet and acquire onshore and offshore resources for your projects as well as manage delivery of your projects.