You dream it. We plan, design, build and deliver your dream into existence.

We Illuminate

Turning requirements into a tangible vision is never easy. We use proven architecture and design techniques to illuminate your true need.

We Architect

After attaining your high level solution architecture and vision, we work with you in our Agile IoD process to create a working prototype. You feel more in control than ever!

We Code

IoD results in the foundational solution that we build from. You use the component parts as they become available. Every solutions starts from a mobile first foundation for the widest deploymet options.

We Deliver

Software is what we do. We can deliver Mobile, Web, Desktop and IoT for On-Premises or for Cloud Deployment.

We are

- Mobile, Web & Iot - IoD Prototype to Production - The nex'Tier Dream Delivery Team -

Agile was a game changer. Now take it a step further.

Visualize - Prototype - Deliver Foundationally

Inversion of Delivery (IoD)

The idea of Inversion of Delivery (IoD) is to prototype sooner in the delivery lifecycle.

Waterfall Lifecycle says, "Get all the requirements first....See the final product at the end".

Agile Methodology says "Put a few "requirements" in your backlog and figure it out as you go. We'll get there we promise."

Don't make your business wait until halfway through the project to understand what is possible. Development tools and reliable coding conventions have improved to the point that functional prototypes can be created in days rather than months. However, enterprises steeped in tradition and process may miss this.

We say, create your "lean" functional prototype immediately after you create your solution architecture design. We do it and it works.

Let the business Envision the Possible (EtP) early. The foundational solution delivered in IoD creates clarity and feeds synergy between business users , analysts and developers. From a clear functional foundation, using an Agile process makes sense. Teams elaborate on and enhance each component of the protype to production quality components while using them in test or non-critical pre-production. The final solution is more relevant, timely and cost efficient because path was made more clear from the beginning.

Small entrepreneurial companies deliver every day. They are agile by nature. The difference is that they "Envision the Possible" with early prototypes. Why does this work? Because being able to visualize the lean solution early allows for better elaboration and elicitation of the informed requirements. It lessens change and churn. The end solution is more clear to business users from the start. Thus they are able to provide better guidance leading to a better end solution, in less time. Move the first functioning deliverable to the beginning of the project. Inversion of Delivery (IoD)

Where did the term IoD come from.... We made it up. It needed a name. Why? Enterprise Archtecture Guru Brian Lee taugh First Principles of Architecture. One was, "Label it so that you can interact with it intentionally". We listened.... IoD.

We used IoD to create SportsLink ( .

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Announcing SportsLink.TV Try It

Estabilish the foundation of your nex'Tier sooner in the Lifecycle.

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  • 20 June 2017

Announcing delivery of SportsLink & SportsLink.TV

We have successfully delivered SportsLink and SportsLink.TV into the Azure Cloud.

SportsLink is a video streaming platform that doubles as a social-media platform with sharing and recruiting tools for athletes and their parents, team management forcoaches and recruiting tools for colleges. SportsLink.Tv brings all the players together.

If Netflix, SportsCenter and Facebook had offspring, it would probably look like SportsLink

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  • 1 August 2017

SportsLink Tools for:

  • Athletes
  • High school and Club Coaches
  • College Coaches
  • Parents
  • Youth Sports Enthusiasts
  • Ambassadors, Hosts and Vendors

Recruiting and Team Management will change significantly over the next 5 years because of the availability of new mobile and social media tools

Coach T

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  • 1 March 2017

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  • Employees and Partner Blog about Health Care Integration
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